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About Food began in 1999 when Robby Enthoven and Phil Lynas took a leap of faith and started the Nando’s Grocery business - selling Nando’s PERi-PERi sauces into supermarkets. Phil left a successful career as Sales & Marketing Director for a large FMCG company to begin the business, which he initially ran from his daughter Kate’s bedroom.

When Nando’s Grocery began, many of the values which guided the business were the same as the principles behind the Nando’s restaurant chain, such as ‘Pride’, ‘Passion’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Family’.

Since 1999, All About Food has grown considerably. The team is bigger, the office is swankier and they have a few more brands on board, such as Wagamama, Cranks and Pizza Express. Yet the same values, at the heart of who they are, have remained from day one right through to today.

As a way of effectively communicating the values and principles of the business, All About Food approached Totality GCS to create a memorable piece of internal literature. They wanted something that could be easily read, understood and digested by employees, which they could keep and refer to on a regular basis for both information and inspiration.
All About Food embraces individuality, so the brief wasn’t to create a rigid set of company values which employees must adhere to at all costs. Instead the piece was intended to help communicate the inherent All About Food ethos and passion and ensure that all colleagues are on board as the company continues to grow

It was also essential that the piece was timeless, so that it has longevity and can be passed on to any new employees joining the company within the next five years.

To do this, we set about taking the full range of brand values and giving real life examples of what each of them means in reality, bringing them to life with illustrations that capture the unique working culture of All About Food.
In less than 2 weeks we delivered a piece of literature that not only exceeded the directors’ expectations, but has helped set All About Food apart from its many competitors and served as an example to companies nationwide of how to promote a successful working culture.

As a thank you to all staff, the books were presented at the company’s first ever team-building retreat. This also included a full presentation, designed again by Totality GCS, and a set of commemorative postcards.

On back of the resounding success of the book, Totality GCS has been involved in a number of other exciting projects for the All About Food business, which has continued to flourish and expand.  

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