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Eat good, feel good!” is the strap line for Cranks - a company long dedicated to creating tasty and imaginative vegetarian food.

Way back in 1961, Cranks became the UK’s first ever vegetarian restaurant when it opened its doors on London’s fashionable Carnaby Street and soon became a successful chain of six London-based restaurants. 

Since then the company has diversified into food manufacture and today offers an appetizing range of breads, sandwiches, salads and sauces, along with a range of quick and tasty prepared meals. 

Our challenge was to help reposition the range by designing bold, new packaging that would allay misconceptions about vegetarian food being boring and appeal to new audiences.

Market research conducted by the company showed that alongside the core consumer base of dedicated vegetarians there was a large and growing number of ‘meat reducers’. These are people making an active decision to introduce more meat free meals into their diet as part of a healthier lifestyle.
We took Cranks new ‘Eat Good, Feel Good!’ proposition and used it to break free from the traditional vegetarian design clichés that were stuck in the 1960s.

We introduced vibrant graphics and clear, honest, on-pack communication, with a fun and quirky edge, which demonstrated the benefits that the products bring. Also included were recipes for how to make some of the products at home.

Everything was done with an absolute focus on gaining an emotional resonance with today’s sophisticated and time-poor consumers.
Following the rebrand, with no direct media support, the Cranks brand saw a marked increase in fortunes.

The new pack designs were a big hit with customers. Bread sales increased almost immediately by 50%, sandwiches continued to grow in both rate of sale and range offering and the brand entered several new food sectors including salads, wraps, noodles and juices.

This rapid growth in sales and new offerings continues today.

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