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Launched in Britain in 1977, the Golden Wonder Pot Noodle entered the market at a time when ‘convenience’ was a thing of the future and noodles were seen as exotic. In fact the brand introduced to the UK the Japanese concept of 'noodles in a cup' that has since so captured the hearts and stomachs of the nation's youth.

In 1995 Golden Wonder was acquired by Unilever and in 2006 sold again to Tayto, all the while retaining the Pot Noodle name. In the following years it firmly cemented its position within the market, with its only direct competition coming from own label supermarket products.

Symington's approached Tayto in May 2009 with the idea of reintroducing Golden Wonder into the hot snack market, as a challenger brand, that would bring much needed competition to a stale and saturated category.

Totality GCS were given the task of reinvigorating the Golden Wonder brand, by developing a new range of packaging and then rolling this new branding out across everything from press advertisements to bill boards.
A creative and daring design was essential for Golden Wonder to effectively re-enter this category with real standout against a very strong and successful competitor.

Through extensive market research we identified the need to build upon the heritage and values of the Golden Wonder brand, the perceived ‘Britishness’ of the product and its dedication to 'Full on Flavour'.

We began by introducing a new name for the product range, one that would not only resonate with the target audience but epitomise everything the brand stood for. 'The Nation's Noodle' was born.

In order to successfully challenge Pot Noodle, the new design had to be iconic and memorable. It had to have longevity and also reflect the masculinity of its predominantly male target audience. In answer to this, we created a unique combination of the Union Jack, a striking black pot and strong colour coding, giving the brand instant shelf appeal and building upon the unique sense of British pride. We concentrated on a youthful, down to earth tone of voice that injected life and personality into the design and furthered the purchaser’s emotional connection with the brand.
It was an immediate success. Following its launch, Golden Wonder’s 'The Nation's Noodle' and ‘The Nation’s Pasta’ grew into a £1.5 million brand in less than 6 weeks.

The continued roll out of the brand, across all major multiples and convenience stores nationwide, has today created a brand worth in excess £15 million, a figure that is growing year on year.

The brand portfolio has also now grown to include 'The Nation's New Noodle on the Block' - a ‘block’ rather than ‘potted’ range of products - created to directly challenge Batchelors’ Super Noodles. With continued new product development and media support, 'The Nation's Noodle' will rightly strengthen Golden Wonder's claim to be the true king of the noodle brands.

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