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Lloyds Banking Group

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How to put the Fun into Finance?

It’s a challenge for any business keeping teams enthusiastic and competitive. Our objective was to come up with ideas for internal motivational campaigns that would incentivise and reward the Lloyds Banking Group Regulated Sales Teams.
Whilst being given an open brief, there were a many considerations that our Creative Director and Account Director needed to take into account. In particular, how we could engage, excite and motivate colleagues throughout the period of a campaign without offering huge prizes?

We tackled this by devising fun game strategies with eye catching graphics that communicated the campaign objectives simply and effectively, whilst helping to build internal camaraderie. The intention was to improve lead generation and communication between the Personal Financial Advisors (PFAs) and their colleagues.
What did the branches say about the campaign in practice? The feedback was overwhelming: with the fun, simple, topical and effective games putting more focus on Regulated Sales in branch whilst helping track incoming leads.

The PFAs also find them very useful, saving them time and energy having to produce incentives of their own!

The ‘buy in’ from senior management even reached 82.2% - making this campaign a truly companywide success.

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