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Formed in 1975, Sigma 3 is regarded as one of the UK's leading kitchen and bedroom manufacturers. Operating from their headquarters in the heart of South Wales, the company is now synonymous with innovation, quality craftsmenship and a dedication to customer service. With showrooms across both Wales and England, Sigma 3 are committed to providing it's customers with an unrivalled combination of contemporary design, state of the art technology and unquestionable value for money.

In a market estimated at £3 billion annually in the UK alone, competition for the declining demand in bespoke kitchen and bathroom furniture, combined with the dominance of the big brands, is driving smaller manufacturers to find increasingly niche points of difference in the marketplace.

Totality GCS were commissioned to refresh the Sigma 3 brand along with creating a range of promotional material to promote the company, it's products and services to wide range of business and consumer focused clientele.
Following an in-depth analysis of the Sigma 3 brand, we identified the need for building consistency across every channel of the business and it's communication, along with defining a set of unique selling points that would clearly distinguish Sigma 3 from it's nearest competitors.

Our goal was to create a suite of promotional material that would not only bring the Sigma 3 brand to life, but also build upon a strong culture of UK manufacturing and innovation, communicating the care that goes into making each and every one of their products and helping change perceptions of smaller kitchen and bathroom manufacturers.

Combining eye-catching photography with a clean contemporary style, we created a versatile brand that would stand the test of time and translate easily across various mediums from printed literature to point of sale and signage.
Working closely with the sales and marketing teams, Totality has successfully helped in refocusing the Sigma 3 brand, instilling consistency across all levels of communication and providing them with the tools to create a solid foundation for successful future growth.

Impressed by our level of market insight and design initiative, Sigma 3 have already commissioned us to help create a number of future retail focused projects, including point of sale initiatives and showroom sales strategies.

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