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The Schwan Food Company

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Chicago Town Pizza™ is one of the best-selling frozen pizza brands in the UK.

When brand owner, The Schwan Food Company, developed a new frozen pizza that tasted as good as a fresh takeaway product, it was Totality GCS, as their long term incumbent design agency, which was commissioned to design the packaging.

Schwan had worked hard to get a much prized opportunity to launch this product across three Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in Tesco and to secure that listing we had to make sure that the pack design delivered to brief. It was important that this new offering would be instantly impactful and that it should gain additional customers to the frozen pizza sector rather than cannibalize their existing client base.
Our research said that in the crowded and competitive frozen pizza market it was essential the new pizza stood out and immediately communicated its authenticity. Our proposition was ‘Don’t be like a takeaway, BE A TAKEAWAY!’ 

We proposed to take the look and feel of takeaway pizza cartons and put it straight in the supermarket freezer.
With no big product shot on the pack front, this fresh new approach broke all the conventions of the market place: a very brave step for Schwan.

It instantly had strong on-shelf standout and a real point of difference within the category.
With no direct media support, the product achieved first year trading revenues of £7.5m.

It brought in 1.2m new customers to the frozen pizza category. In fact 62% of its sales were incremental to the category.

The range increased to six SKUs with the launch of ‘medium takeaway’ in its first year.

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