Masterchef Home Cooking Range...


As a world recognised brand with an iconic mark, Masterchef inspires food lovers everywhere to appreciate and share great food and even transform their lives through their passion for food and cooking. With over 20 years of expertise, knowledge and a love of food, our task was to help translate these values into a credible FMCG offering. A new range of products that provide people with the necessary tools, knowledge and inspiration to allow their talent to flourish…


Engaging, category leading design; passionate, knowledgable and inspirational. Attainable, professional standard recipes, each taking the consumer closer to their perfect dish.

Our work included the creation of a consistent, yet flexible expression of the Masterchef brand, encompassing custom photography, product iconography and a complimentary suite of point of sale material… all spanning a range of 56 individual SKU’s, across 6 categories.